UPSilon  software for UPS



This Series Software realize data and information exchange between UPS System and monitoring any device by connecting with RS232 cable or USB communication cable, to monitor on UPS System working status accurately. This Series Software contains: UPSilon 2000/Power Manager



  • Intelligent Alarming
  • Intelligent off Machine and Save Files
  • Information Record
  • Operation Setting
  • Net Monitoring


Technical Specification

Supported operation system:

Novell Netware v3.1, v4.x ; Microsoft Windows3.X; Microsoft Windows95; Microsoft Windows98
Microsoft Windows NT;  Microsoft Windows 2000;Microsoft Windows ME; Microsoft Windows XP
Linux; Free BSD.


Sun OS 4.x,5.x; Sun Solaris v2.x,x86; Hp HP-UX10.x,9.x,8.x; DEX OSF/1 3.X,4.X
DEC ULTRIX 4.x; IBM AIX 4.x,3.x; SCO UNIX 5.x,4.x,3.x; SCO XENIX 2.x
SCO UnixWare 2.x; Linux 3.x; SGI IRIX 6.x; Free BSD 2.x
Fujitsu DC/90 ICL;  Motorola AIX 4.x;  Motorola SVR4
66021592 - 66046276 - 66021792 - 66029559 - 66030884
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