RUPS 2000 Software



RUPS 2000 for:



·          UPS event displayed – such as AC fail Battery low (for windows)

·          Local control via standard RS-232 port Communication

·          Remote control through TCP/IP

·          Power failure and battery low detection

·          Emergency shutdown system after battery low detected

·          Execute in tray area and run in background (for windows)

·          Multiple language 

·          Execute command file

·          Email and pager notification

·          Orderly shutdown operating system before UPS battery reserve is exhausted

·          Auto turn off UPS 

·          Broadcast and record power abnormal status

·          Programmable shutdown timer and warning period

·          Disable user login during last minute before shutdown on File Server

·          Provide function of night-Off on NetWare Server

·          Provides html formatted help

·          Save and Exit applications in MS-DOS with user defined key strings
66021592 - 66046276 - 66021792 - 66029559 - 66030884
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